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Ants and Science: A teacher spends two summers in the lab

Dec. 5, 2018 - High school science teacher Julia Harvey takes advantage of a program that pairs public school science teachers with opportunities to practice science in the laboratory. Harvey's project: The trailing behaviors of Guatemalan leaf cutter ants.


Photo by Yashar Khudiyev, 2015, Khartoum, Sudan

Challenging the old ways: From left: Nana Savfo Kantanka I, chief of Fiema, and Nana Owusu Damoah Ameyaw III, chief of Boabeng, represent the traditional ways of order. They are charged with settling disputes and collect shares of anything that happens on their respective community's lands. Joachim Boedi, sanctuary manager, and Isaac Sarkodie, a sanctuary employee, both of Boabeng, are considered youths. They are part of a growing youth voice challenging the old customs, claiming they want more transparency, greater environmental stewardship, and a chance to try new ideas for sanctuary management. The sanctuary should be a source of pride, Boedi said, something that young people are proud to come home to and a way for them to find meaningful employment in their own community.

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