Photo by Dan Morrison, 2020

Photo by Bryce Dole, 2019, Prince William Sound, Alaska


I am passionate about people, culture and the environment. In particular, I am interested in how human-caused environmental changes are altering the present and the future for all living things, and how people from diverse backgrounds can find ways to understand each other to address our biggest challenges. 

I worked in education for 12 years before turning to photography and journalism. In Oregon, I taught high school English Language Arts and Social Studies as well as adult basic education classes at the local community college. I also developed curriculum and provided professional development support for teachers as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand, as an English Language Fellow funded by the U.S. Department of State in Sudan, and as a contractor in Egypt. I have worked on horse ranches, at summer camps, as a backcountry trip leader, and as a coordinator for volunteers. All of these experiences have taught me the value of connecting with others and of being a good listener and observer.

I completed a graduate program in journalism at the University of Oregon in June 2020. While in grad school, I worked as the Civic Science Communications graduate employee within the Office of Research and Innovation and the Science Communication Research Center. I am currently working on long-form stories about human relationships to the environment in Oregon and Panama, as well as a project about survivors of suicide attempts in Lane County, Ore. 

I love Nikon cameras, backpacking, horseback riding, eating new food (preferably cooked on sticks along roadsides around the world), and doing anything in the snow.

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